Dear Editor,

Why Joe Biden?

The Houston Chronicle makes a solid case in their endorsement of President Biden for a second term:

**** He’s the oldest and most experienced president in U.S. history.
**** The economy has recovered and is now healthier than any other advanced nation.
**** Unemployment is approaching a 50-year low.
**** Gas prices have fallen as the U.S. now produces more oil than any other country in history.
**** Inflation is trending downward.
**** A 7 billion dollar solar project is now in place.
**** The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is expected to create 1.5 million jobs each year for the next 10 years.
**** Medicare now has the power to lower drug prices.
**** Coverage under the Affordable Health Care Act has been made more affordable and accessible for millions of Americans.
**** The bipartisan Safer Communities Act is a response to the mass killings that have plagued our country.
**** The Biden Administration has worked tirelessly and successfully to restore confidence with our allies and at the same time taking strong and clear stands against our enemies both foreign and domestic.

The Houston Chronicle is aware of President Biden’s age and memory lapses, but they stated clearly that here remains focused, engaged and in command on vital issues that occupy a president; and that he the most productive president since Lyndon Johnson.

So why Joe Biden, indeed.

Bob Kollar