Dear Editor,

I was just reading some articles about Doddering Uncle Joe’s obsession with doing away with internal combustion powered cars in favor of electric powered shoeboxes. I was also seeing several commercials on battery powered lawn mowers and other lawn/gardening equipment. Now let’s throw in the push to do away with anything not an electric stove, water heater, etc. He wants it ALL to go electric.

This got me to thinking…there are places that suffer rolling brown/black outs, so what happens there? Would there be a rationing system for electricity? How would that affect households that have life support equipment? What about things like schools, stores, and that kind of thing? What about places like Alaska? I spent three years there and people had to plug in heaters on their cars to keep them from becoming damaged from freezing during the winter. And then there are strong storms that occasionally knock out the power.

Now let’s talk about one other aspect of all this, that being all these batteries it’s going to take to power these things. The main question everyone needs answered is what is the life expectancy of these batteries? How long before you have to replace them? And most importantly, what’s it going to cost? I’ve done some pricing on the batteries for the lawn maintenance equipment and it’s scary. I don’t even want to think about the cost of the batteries for Uncle Joe’s electric cars.

Another bit of information I haven’t heard discussed is about how as batteries age they don’t hold the charge they did when new. Does this mean that I will need to stop more often to recharge my JoeMobile and have to take longer to get anywhere because of aging batteries? And again factor in the temperature along with hills and mountains.

At some point, I believe science will be able to produce batteries and battery like devices that will be able to replace internal combustion power sources. The problem is that you and I, our children, our grand-children, our great-grandchildren, even our great-great-grandchildren might not see the start of it. The proposed timeline put out by Doddering Uncle Joe is not only unrealistic; it’s proof that the man is not in possession of his mental faculties.

Carpe Diem

Alan Marshall