The Rhino Times Schmoozefest returns Thursday, Feb. 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Four Flocks and Larder at 433 Spring Garden St. Free snacks and beer and wine while supplies last for those who sign in and wear a name tag.


Anyone who thought they were going to the Downtown Greensboro Inc. event on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at the Greensboro History Museum to find out how the city was going to spend the $25 million in bond money on streetscapes downtown must have been disappointed.

One thing that was emphasized repeatedly is that this is not about sidewalks and trees. Chris Benyon of MIG from Berkley, California, who has been hired by the city to supervise the spending of the $25 million, said it was about creating a place where all of Greensboro can come and play.

Benyon described Greensboro as “cool place” that had a lot going for it and that this $25 million in bond money can be used to transform downtown Greensboro. Benyon is clearly a man full of energy and ideas; he showed lots of slides of parks and places all over the world that had been transformed, but the slide that he showed that received the most response was one of DGI President Zack Matheny doing yoga at First National Bank Field.


The News & Record is obsessed with Rockingham County, as we have long suspected. In listing the candidates filing for the 2018 elections, the News & Record, which has offices in Greensboro but is printed and run out of Winston-Salem, lists the candidates for Guilford and Rockingham counties. It doesn’t list the candidates for Alamance to the east, Randolph to the south or Davidson and Forsyth to the west. It does make you wonder why the brain trust at the N&R finds Rockingham County so special.

Maybe one day one of the editors will write a column about why Rockingham County news is frequently on the front page but the news from those other adjacent counties is rarely even reported.


Early this week I went out in my yard and cut enough snow drops and first breath of spring to fill a couple of small vases. They may not have been the most beautiful flower arrangements in the world, but to be able to cut enough flowers to put in a vase in early February still amazes me. Then again, I’m amazed by spring every year, no matter when it gets here.