Scary Sheriff

Dear Editor,

You can go online and see police body camera footage from a recent incident in Tennessee. An unarmed driver named Michael Dial was suspected of driving with a suspended license.  A car chase ensued. Deputies rammed the vehicle and tried to run it off the road. Sheriff Oddie Shoupe gave the order to “take him out by any means necessary including deadly force.” Deputies spun the car around. Then Deputy Adam West “neutralized” the driver by shooting him in the head.

The sheriff showed up on the scene and body camera footage shows that the sheriff was more concerned with his patrol cars getting damaged than the life of a person who was suspected of driving with a suspended license.

We need sheriffs and deputies that are more concerned with the lives of citizens than damage to police property.

Chuck Mann



Republicans: Man Up

Dear Editor,

I’m wearing my body armor while writing this because I’m going after Republicans. It’s a given that liberal/socialist/communist Democrats are included.

Why do these FBI/DOJ officials that have overtly demonstrated through word and deed still have a job? And in one case not only still have a job but working in human resources. Why is one of them that was in essence fired being allowed to sit at home, still collecting his salary, and wait out his time until he can start collecting his federal pension which, by the way, will be financed by us.

Well, Republican majority, I’m waiting. Oh wait, I forgot. I’m speaking to the same Republicans that for eight years bloviated about doing away with Obamacare but as soon as they got the majority they kept begging for suddenly tucked tail and hid. This is the same bunch that was condemning the illegal immigration policies of the Democrats but as soon as they had control of all three branches of government suddenly develop adult ADD and tap danced around the issue. I will give you the tax reform but even on that you caved and made the business breaks permanent but the individual ones disappear in 20 years.

DACA was illegal. Even dear leader admitted that. Yet you have legitimized it by agreeing to take it up and work to give the “dreamers” a path to citizenship, which is a covert buzzword for amnesty. Let me help you out a little.

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Illegal – not according to or authorized by law: unlawful, illicit; also: not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game)

When you posture and brag you were going to defund cities and states that declare themselves sanctuary locations, you let the socialist/liberal/snowflakes go crying to the Democrat stacked courts that overrule you and didn’t do anything about it. Want a simple answer? Eliminate the program. You can’t finance what doesn’t exist and a court can’t direct you to keep it in place. A simple legislative action the court can’t stop. Bang, problem solved and tax money saved.

And speaking of saving tax money, what is up with that corporate social responsibility? I thought it was Democrats that spent like drunken sailors.

Grow a pair; start governing. You work for us. American citizens, wake up and start electing people to represent you, not dictate and rule you as surfs.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



Seeking Moderation

Dear Editor,

After every presidential election, our electorate speaks but our politicians remain as they were too far left or too far right.  We need a new moderation party of moderates.

Our liberal left attempts to tackle the problem of poverty only to make matters worse than before.  Our conservative right leaves the freedom for all to become wealthy but the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  Surely, we can find a compromise between what we have witnessed and what will work better for all of us.  Both the right and left have produced some good solutions, at times, but they have been few and far between.

Our current system needs to be maintained to every extent possible but the youth of our nation seem to want additional forms of socialism.  To them, I can only say: Look at England.  The more socialism they got the poorer the whole nation became.

On taxation, our new tax system should put us back into profitable relations with the rest of the world but nothing is etched in stone.  We must use common sense and be willing to adapt accordingly.

Of all those left behind, the first that come to mind are our most educated – our college professors.  And, as a result, they remain on the far left and teach accordingly.  In this regard, my professors in college were teaching that communism was the best system ever devised by mankind but “we the people” did not buy into it.  From that I’d say “we” are smarter than our leadership groups have been.

So, above all, let’s keep what works.  In this regard, the pendulum must swing, and as it swung too far left earlier and maybe too far right with the last election, I see and predict the next big tax change of a 5 percent to 10 percent surtax on all incomes in the top 2 percent of all reporting.  If other things are working as suspected, this should re-balance the hopes of our people for the moment.  Our greatest fear should come when we allow a political group to dominate our thinking to the point we lose all that we have previously gained.

Ray Hylton


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