The NFL rejected an advertisement for the Super Bowl program that says, “Please Stand,” and was sponsored by American Veterans, as being too politically controversial to allow in the program. The Rhino Times is no stranger to controversy or politics, so we decided that our readers would enjoy seeing this highly controversial ad, and the AMVETS kindly sent us a copy.

So if you turn to page 4 you can see this politically controversial ad. Unless you find the American flag or standing as politically controversial then its hard to find anything wrong with the ad.

It makes you wonder if the AMVETS had simply chosen to run a full page ad of the American flag if the NFL would have also found that too controversial to run.

Or what if some group had wanted to run a full page ad of the British, French or Russian flags? Would that have been too controversial? Or is it simply the American flag they find controversial?

Certainly they couldn’t find anything controversial about “Please Stand.” It’s extremely polite.


I had an unexpected honor on Tuesday night at the District 2 Town Hall meeting at Union Square – I was introduced to Joseph McNeil, who was one of the four NC A&T State University students who sat down at the Woolworth’s lunch counter on Feb. 1, 1960 and changed history.

I have been to a number of events where the surviving members of the Greensboro Four were honored, but I had never had the opportunity to meet any of them. Now I wish I had had the presence of mind to say thank you.


Monday’s News & Record provided a disservice to the community. Some editor should have done a little fact checking before running three-quarters of the front page about the upcoming elections. The districts the N&R shows for state House and state Senate seats in Guilford County are not the districts that will be used in the election.

At this point nobody knows what the districts will be, because they will either be the districts drawn by the state legislature or the districts drawn by the special master hired by three federal court judges, but it won’t be the districts used in 2016, which is what was on the front page of the N&R.

On the upside, at least the N&R tried to run the districts for Guilford County and not the districts for Rockingham County, which is where it seems to get most of its front page news.


February around here is usually a cold, dreary month but at least in February you no longer have to feel guilty about not keeping your New Year’s resolutions. During January you kind of have an obligation to worry about your resolution to lose 20 pounds, stop drinking soft drinks, working out three times a week, not binge watching anything on Netflix until the wee hours of the morning or whatever the resolution was you knew you weren’t going to keep when you made it.

After a month the memory of that resolution should be fuzzy enough that you can ignore it, unless of course you were foolish enough to write it down. Then you have to worry about it every time you see that little note.