It’s entertaining when the editorial department of the News & Recordchooses to write a column about an event that the news department didn’t see as significant enough to cover. This week, editorial writer Doug Clark chose to write his column about a dust up at the meeting of the Guilford County Economic Development Alliance last week over the proposed High Point baseball stadium. The Rhino Times did cover the meeting, so if you want to read more than a snippet about what happened, along with accurate reporting of what happened, check out Scott’s article on page 4.

If the commissioners agree to give High Point the money it is requesting, you can bet Greensboro will be at the next meeting asking for its share.

Former Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer has admitted he did it and made sworn statements that he conspired with former Person and Caswell County District Attorney Wallace Bradsher to steal a total of about $48,000 from the state in salaries for their wives.

It’s a lot of money by men who had been entrusted to enforce the law and put people who break the law in jail. Yet the two were only charged with misdemeanors. What kind of legal system do we have that protects men who completely abuse the system from serious punishment?

Sunday I needed to come to work for a couple of hours. I thought I’d try Eugene Street, which the city has been working on for what seems like years. It was closed. So I tried coming into the downtown on Market Street, planning to park in front of the building, but Market Street was closed for a food truck rally. I eventually got to the parking lot behind the building off Friendly Avenue.

It was annoying to try two different ways to get into the downtown and to finally have to use a third.

But it did bring to mind something the city is going to have to consider soon. Just because someone works or lives downtown doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have the same access to their property as everyone else. Downtown Greensboro constantly has streets blocked off for walks and runs to raise money for mostly good causes, but then when you add in food truck rallies, the Folk Festival, Fun Fourth, etc., you have a lot of days where downtown traffic is detoured, diverted and sometimes just plain old blocked. I have no evidence to support this but it seems to me that it is more common to have streets blocked off on the weekend for something downtown than not.

Think about how often the street you live on – if it isn’t downtown – is blocked off so that you can’t drive home.