My ancestors were raided, raped and ravaged by white men who employed violence to wrest our historic lands from us, forcing us into a small corner of what was once ours.  They destroyed our idyllic, peaceful, bucolic lifestyle that imposed no ecological price on our planet.

My race defended our lands valiantly but were overwhelmed by successive waves of numerically superior invaders from foreign lands.

Do you expect us to share in the glorification of those who oppressed and overwhelmed us?

I am Welsh. We were the first Britons, defending as best we could the impossibly indented coastline of our island home from Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Vikings and Normans. Without immigration control we lost our country, ultimately pushed into the enclaves of Wales and Cornwall.

So do we deface the statues of Churchill, Wellington, Nelson, Lloyd George, Victoria and Elizabeth?  Of course not. Superimposing today’s morality on previous ages is absurd, futile and pointless. My people – the Brythonic Celts – salute our British heroes and our Teutonic queen, Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha. It’s all water under the bridge because we forged a nation together, from the Magna Carter to Brexit. We are all Britons now.

There is a lesson here for Americans – of all races, creeds and cultures. If our embattled but enduring little island can come together as one, why can’t you?

E pluribus unum.

Christopher Rees



For over 40 years, Jack Little, a pillar of the High Point community, owned and operated an Army surplus store on Main Street. On Feb. 11 of this year, Jack was brutally slain in his place of business. His death sent shockwaves throughout the community.

Many residents knew Jack all of their lives. One man even bought his very first pair of boots from Jack when he was just a teenager.

Jack always greeted his customers with a warm smile and a “Howdy, Partner.” He was extremely well liked, especially by the law enforcement community.

My heart goes out to Jack’s family for the heartache that they must be enduring.

We will all miss you, Jack

Jonathan Muffley



What is happening in Texas is a disaster of incredible proportions.  And the reaction of fellow Americans is equal to it. A prime example is the Cajun navy, a bunch of average people that loaded up their boats and supplies and drove to Texas to help people they don’t know. And they’re doing it on their own dime.

Americans, volunteers, are coming out to do whatever they can to help. People are giving whatever they can to help. Churches and private organizations of all faiths and beliefs gathering things for people that have literally lost everything. And the only thing they ask is, “Is there anything else we can do?” When asked how it could ever be paid back, the answer they receive is, “When you can, pay it forward.”

I know I will be criticized for saying this, but it needs to be said in order to put things in perspective: Where are the social justice warriors? Where is antifa? Where is Black Lives Matter? Where are the 40,000 counter-protesters that were carried into Boston to create chaos? They could sure provide a lot of assistance in Texas right now.  Where are the skinheads, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis? Obviously, you have a lot of time on your hands. You apparently don’t have jobs to worry about. On second thought, stay where you are. Real Americans have this. You know, the ones you call racists, sexists, homophobes, traitors to their race, mongrels, etc.

Real Americans are digging deep and giving. Real Americans are risking their lives for their fellow man. And they are doing so with no thought or concern about race, creed, color, belief, sexual preference or immigration status. They only see a fellow human being that is in life threatening distress and needs their help. They are extending a helping hand, not a closed fist, in spite of the way they’ve been treated.

Texas will survive this. Texans are strong, durable people. They epitomize what America was, is and will always be. And when the next disaster strikes somewhere else, they will be right there doing for others what is being done for them because they know that the people needing help once helped them. And along with them will be all the other true Americans.

God bless Texas and God bless the United States of America.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall



The current mania regarding anything that smacks of slavery is perplexing. Now that all things commemorating Confederate soldiers or politicians are being removed willy-nilly, there is even discussion seriously given to removing memorials to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they were slaveholders. This is despite the fact that many people, like Thomas Jefferson, inherited their slaves and were enjoined from selling them. Revisionist historians tend to gloss over the fact that Thomas Jefferson abhorred slavery and tried to free his slaves but was prevented from doing so by a Virginia law that prevented anyone who held debt to free their slaves. Jefferson tried to have the law repealed twice and failed.

Thomas Jefferson’s writings clearly state his opposition to the institution of slavery, but this fact is repeatedly overlooked. Anyone interested in a fair representation of Jefferson should read David Barton’s excellent book, The Jefferson Lies.

I anticipate that if this current trend for revisionist ideology continues we would see the works of Gutzon Borglum removed from Stone Mountain, Georgia and Mount Rushmore since he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and was in fact one of the six “knights” sitting on the Imperial Koncillium that transferred leadership of the Klan to the imperial wizard, Hiram Evans, in 1923. Actually, chiseling the faces from Mount Rushmore, which was stolen from the Sioux, and returning the Black Hills to the Lakota might not be such a bad idea.

The idea of erasing the memory of slaveholders from our history would surely affect the City of Greensboro since we are named after George Washington’s favorite general, Nathanael Greene who used slaves to run his plantation after the Revolutionary War. Obviously the statue of Greene in the roundabout between Greene Street (soon to be renamed, no doubt) and McGee Street would have to go, and the name of the city changed to something commemorating someone like David Caldwell, perhaps. Oh, my mistake, the good Rev. David Stewart Caldwell himself was a slave owner, so that obviates naming the city after him, and possibly necessitating the re-naming of Caldwell Park. I suppose the city of Madison, if named after James Madison, would have to be renamed as he was a slaveholder as well.

I fear that we will have to wait and see what the final solution the revisionists come up with to erase all traces of our tainted past.

Daniel Post



A dream of what might have been: A Charlottesville in which the white supremacists marched down streets lined with non-violent protesters of all races, religions, nationalities and sexual identities singing “We Shall Overcome.”

Maureen Parker



In these difficult and troublesome times, a friend shared the following with me, which if taken seriously to heart should help us to renew our minds and to act on what’s truly important in life.

Etienne de Grellet, a Quaker missionary, offers this guidance: “I shall pass this way only once; and any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show to anyone I encounter, let me do it now.  Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

I would further suggest that we strive to see the face of God in everyone we meet.  Let it be. Let it be.

Bob Kollar



If you build it, they’ll come? Wrong. Not where politicians and sellers of property are wanting to put the High Point stadium. People wanting to come into High Point from the airport (out of townersr) and surrounding areas want the convenience of Westchester/Eastchester at North End and not having to go into the downtown at the International Homes Furnishings Center and High Point Regional Hospital areas. Convenience for the drivers and their families is what folks want, not having to drive all over town. Publix put its business on Westchester/Eastchester because it’s convenient to traffic coming from the aforementioned areas. Smart, huh? Since the Baltimore developer for the stadium is relying on politicians, a big salary and the people wanting to sell their high-dollar land off North Elm, Gatewood, Kivett Drive, etc., we shouldn’t believe what politicians and sellers continue to say – “we’re cleaning up the areas” – as this is just another statement that makes them feel better and they hope you believe it. You shouldn’t.

Westchester/Eastchester would be the areas of W. Dayton, Long, Fisher, Idol, West State and surrounding areas that need to be cleaned up and would be the best place for the stadium. Out of town folks would have easy access in and out of High Point and they would come to High Point, have dinner, shop and enjoy the stadium and be able to get back onto Westchester/Eastchester safely.

Putting the stadium where folks from out of state, Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Durham and other areas would want to attend the games would really be a real money maker for High Point, job creation and the tax base. Speaking of growth for High Point, folks, you need to leave room for expansion for High Point Regional Hospital, the furniture market, a couple hotels/motels, more businesses and their parking areas.

If Westchester/Eastchester (easy access in and out) doesn’t happen, High Point will become a ghost town, as everyone will start to leave and go where they can have a good job, a nice home, good doctors and hospitals and feel safe to raise their children and grandchildren.

Folks, it’s time to wake up and put common sense before the dollars you may be expecting from the sale of your property.

Shirley deLong



Should Southerners boycott the upcoming TV series Confederate?

When I was younger I used to come up with ideas that I thought could be turned into movies or TV series. In one, Germany won World War II. In another the Confederate States of America won the Civil War.

Now HBO is creating a TV series called Confederate. Their idea is different than mine. In mine the Confederacy frees all slaves while the Union keeps slavery intact. In their story the Confederacy keeps slavery, and it still exists today. This is why I think that Confederateshould be boycotted by all Southerners.

Some think that the Ku Klux Klan and others will love this series, which is a good reason to boycott it. Others think that this is a good way for Hollywood to pick on the South and make it look like all Southerners supported slavery while everyone in the Union was against it.  That is another good reason to boycott it.

Here is an idea for a TV series. It could be called “The Union.” Basically, Abraham Lincoln offers the Confederacy a chance to rejoin the Union and keep slavery intact. This isn’t such a far-fetched idea. At first Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union no matter what, even if slavery still existed. If you don’t believe me you should go online and look up the Fugitive Slave Act, then look up the letter that Lincoln wrote to Horace Greeley. Honest Abe wrote that if he could save the Union without freeing any slaves he would do it, and that if he could save the Union by freeing all the slaves he would do it, and if he could save the Union by freeing half of the slaves and keeping the others enslaved he would do that as well. Finally look up the Emancipation Proclamation. This document ‘’freed’’ the slaves that were being held by Southerners in territory under Confederate control. It did not free the slaves that were held in the Union or border states. The Confederacy was on the wrong side of history, but the Union allowed slavery as well. We, Southerners, need to remind people about Union slavery and segregation.

Tell Orson Scott Card that he is free to turn my Union idea into a story as long as I get 10 percent of the proceeds. That’s gross, not net.

Chuck Mann



The Republican Party is their own worst enemy and their failures keep adding up. I like Republicans and Democrats did no better but at least Democrats stick together unlike Republicans. All I heard for 8 years is ho the Republicans can not wait to get rid of President Obama and how they need someone strong in office. Well here comes President Trump with some help from the Russians and Republicans are still complaining. The Republican Party can’t get it together and has simply failed, they did nothing to stop Obama and are doing nothing to help Trump. The failures just keep coming and the Republican party is finished because they cant even help their own, so much self interest is not even funny. The sad part there is no leadership in both parties and the next election will be another disaster. The Republicans need to unite but that might mean they have to stop doing favors for friends and worry about the people, we shall see. And before I get attacked, ask if I am wrong about how much Republicans cried when Obama was in Office and now they are not helping their own Republican, I speak the truth.

Sal Leone

Editor’s Note: Sal Leone is a candidate in the District 5 City Council race. His letter is being run unedited.

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