The Rhino Times will hold its April Showers Schmoozefest on Thursday, April 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Blue Agave Mexican Bar & Grill at 3900 Battleground Ave. Those who sign in and wear a name tag are welcome to enjoy free hors d’oeuvres and beer and wine (while supplies last).


Here is some free advice for anyone who is writing an announcement about an event. It’s a good idea to include the day of the week along with the date. A lot of us are calendar challenged and we can’t look at June 10, 2017 and automatically know that it is a Saturday. We don’t know that July 4 is on a Tuesday this year or that Christmas is on a Monday.


The Guilford County legislative delegation made up of the state representatives and senators who represent parts of Guilford County in the legislature is holding a town hall meeting on Thursday, April 20 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Greensboro City Council Chambers in city hall.


House Bill 827, if it becomes law, could make the roads in North Carolina safer and easier to travel. The bill establishes a fine for drivers riding along in the left lane and backing up traffic, even if they are going the speed limit.

Most of us realize that on interstates and four-lane highways, cars are traveling at speeds above the speed limit, and anyone who has driven further than a couple of miles on these roads knows that there are drivers who get in the left lane and refuse to move over to the right lane, even though they are constantly being passed on the right.

The worst is when one of these drivers in the left lane decides to travel at the same speed as the car beside them in the right lane, setting up a rolling roadblock. People who drive like this seem oblivious to the traffic backing up behind them, even when drivers behind them honk their horns and flash their lights.

Traffic jams are nonpartisan. I hope Republicans and Democrats support this bill. Maybe along with the $200 fine for impeding the flow of traffic, these drivers should have to take a driver’s education class.


News & Record Managing Editor Steven Doyle said in a Sunday column that the N&R strives for balance and fairness in its news reporting. If that is the truth then the N&R is failing miserably in its effort.

Not once in the many articles about the Charlotte bathroom ordinance and House Bill 2, which was the state legislature’s response, did the News & Record report accurately or fairly about either. But reporting accurately would not have promoted the N&R’s left wing agenda.

Even Editorial Page Editor Allen Johnson has said publicly that the News & Record leans left in its news reporting. At least someone over there is being honest.


The Muse, my faithful companion and I went to Nags Head for Easter weekend. On the way back we detoured and drove across Lake Mattamuskeet.

I had seen the lake but had never driven across it. Lake Mattamuskeet is definitely not on the way and the detour won’t take you past any fast food joints, but if you have a little time it’s well worth it.

Lake Mattamuskeet is the largest natural lake in the state. It’s 18 miles long and 7 miles wide and is on average 2 feet to 3 feet deep. It’s a strange place.