According to WalletHub Greensboro is the 12th best run city in America.

WalletHub rated the country’s 150 largest cities on 38 different metrics designed to compare operating efficiency to determine which were the best managed cities.

Greensboro rated highest, fifth in financial stability, and had its worst rating in “Health” at 138. In education Greensboro ranked 27, which is somewhat unfair since the City of Greensboro has nearly nothing to do with the public schools in the city other than providing crossing guards. In quality of city services Greensboro ranked 65, which was below Raleigh at 33 and Durham at 37 and Charlotte at 52.

Durham also beat out Greensboro overall, coming in fifth. But Greensboro was judged better overall than Raleigh at 22 and Charlotte at 113.

According to WalletHub, the best run city in America is Nampa, Idaho; the second best run city is Boise, Idaho; third is Provo, Utah; and fourth is La Cruces, New Mexico. Durham at fifth is the highest ranked city that is not in the Western part of the country.

The fact that two cities from Idaho ranked first and second would leave one to believe that something in the metrics was skewed in favor of cities in Idaho, and certainly the metrics favor cities out west.

According to WalletHub, the worst run city in the country is Washington, ,DC which should not come as a surprise to anyone who has lived in our nation’s capital.

In total budget per capita, Greensboro ranked 16. In “Safety” Greensboro ranked 73, in “Economy” 124 and in “Infrastructure and Pollution 106.

WalletHub notes, “Running a city is a tall order. The larger the city, the more complex it becomes to manage.”

Greensboro City Manager David Parrish in a press release said, “I think we can all agree that this statement is 100 percent accurate. A ranking like this doesn’t happen without the help of everyone who works for the City of Greensboro. This tells me that our City staff does a tremendous job each and every day for our residents. I am very proud to see Greensboro be acknowledged for its hard work.”

The WalletHub report can be viewed here: