Lights Out

Dear Editor,

Ladies and Gentleman, will the last sane, reasonable, level headed, thinking person in this country please fold the flag and turn out the lights on your way out.

I just saw the following headline: Cosmetic giants remove the word ‘whitening’ from products, realtor association stops using the word ‘master bedroom’

The Court of Master Sommeliers said it will stop using the title of “master sommelier” because of the racial implications.

Additionally they will be dropping the words light/lightening, fair/fairness, white/whitening. “Master” will be replaced by “primary” because they feel they can’t be sufficiently woke enough if they don’t.

Fellow conservatives, society appears to on its final revolution of circling the drain. We need to grab the plug chain and hang on tight to avoid to going down the drain with the morons, idiots, whackos and panderers.

Can anybody possibly tell me if I’m overreacting or is all this insanity really happening? Has our society really degraded to this point? Have we reached the point where radical leftists, socialist Democrats, communists, Marxists, Antifa and Antifa-like organizations, and brain-dead social justice warriors – all of whom are being backed by very powerful people both outside and inside our country who have been thinking and planning for the long term to destroy this country and rebuild it according to their desires with themselves in charge. The COVID-19 pandemic set the stage; the death of George Floyd was the match that lit the fuse leading to the explosion.

Most Americans have been complacent for so long that even with everything happening they don’t see the outrage, the call to arms like they do with the radicals. Some have stood up and said, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”, but not enough. The mainstream media is lying by omission when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic and the actual effects. And another factor that has been ignored in this self-immolation called defund/disband law enforcement is gangs like MS-13 – gangs that are very well organized and drooling over the idea of no law enforcement.

Some may call me Chicken Little, running around yelling the sky is falling. I am not Chicken Little and I’m not saying the sky is falling, but I’m beginning to think I may be seeing some fine cracks forming.

“Honest Officer, I just looked down for one second. He came out of nowhere.”

Alan Marshall