The voters of Greensboro expressed satisfaction with the three at-large city councilmembers, electing them all to four-year terms.

It appears that At-large City Councilmember and former Mayor Yvonne Johnson will once again be serving as mayor pro tem.  Johnson led the ticket by a wide margin with 19,157 votes for 25.16 percent.  Any city councilmember can be elected mayor pro tem, but by tradition the City Council elects the at-large councilmember who received the most votes.

At-large City Councilmember Marikay Abuzuaiter once again finished second with 15,316 votes for 20.11 percent.  Abuzuaiter was first elected in 2011.

At-large City Councilmember Hugh Holston, who was appointed to his position in September 2021, won his first election by finishing third with 11,925 votes for 15.66 percent.  Holston had finished fourth in the May 17 primary when the top six finishers move on to the general election.

Katie Rossabi, in fourth place, was not far behind with 11,371 votes for 14.93 percent.  Rossabi was the only Republican in the at-large race and there was an effort to get conservatives to only vote for Rossabi, but that effort came up a few hundred votes short.

Rossabi finished fifth in the May 17 primary, so she moved up one place in the general election but needed to move up two to win.

Tracy Furman finished fifth with 9,069 votes for 11.91 percent.  Furman finished third in the primary but dropped two places in the general election.

Linda Wilson finished sixth with 8,756 votes for 11.5 percent.  Wilson also finished sixth in the primary.

This was a unique election in more ways than the fact that it was delayed twice and held at the end of July instead of the beginning of November.

The voter turnout for the primary was higher than the voter turnout for the general election.

For example, Johnson received 23,925 votes in the primary when she also finished first compared to the 19,157 votes she received in the general election.