President Donald J. Trump gave the crowd at the Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem what they came to hear, speaking over an hour at the outdoor event on Tuesday evening, Sept. 8.

Trump said during the speech that he was told the crowd numbered 15,000. Some mainstream media outlets are reporting the crowd at over 1,000, which of course is technically true.

Trump as usual didn’t hold back in his depiction of what the country would be like if his opponent Joe Biden, who he called “Sleepy Joe,” was elected or in his criticism of Gov. Roy Cooper for keeping North Carolina locked down.

Trump said, “If Biden wins, China wins.” He said that a Biden election would bring $4 trillion in new taxes and economic depression.

Trump said, “If Biden wins, the rioters, arsonists and anarchists win.”

He also said he couldn’t believe that he had to campaign so hard against an opponent who didn’t know where he was.

Trump took credit for the greatest economy ever – before the coronavirus shut the country down – but he said that the shutdown had to be done to save lives and that his actions had saved “millions of lives.” He also said that the current economic recovery was “not only a V but a super V” and was “far ahead of what I had planned,” noting that the stock market was hitting record highs.

Trump wasn’t shy about saying that it was time to open the economy back up and said that Cooper needed to let North Carolinians get back to work and to school. He asked people to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

Trump also said that the restrictions would all go away on Nov. 4 because at this point they were purely political, and he noted that states with Republican governors had opened up and were doing much better than North Carolina.

The crowd that numbered much closer to 15,000 than to 1,000 clearly loved what they were hearing and interrupted frequently with applause and chants of “Four More Years,” “USA” and one that is not a standard at political events – “We Love You.”

Trump also talked about the great job that Sen. Thom Tillis, who is running for reelection against Democrat Cal Cunningham, was doing in the Senate and how much he needed Tillis back.

Congressmen Ted Budd, who is running for reelection, and Congressman Mark Walker, who isn’t, both got praise from Trump.

As usual at campaign events, Trump would read a little of his speech from the teleprompter and then go off on a ten minute ad lib before returning to read a few more lines, and as usual Trump seemed to be really enjoying himself.