On Dec. 3, 2021, the Rhino Times reported that Amazon was planning to build a 2-million-square-foot fulfilment center on 109 acres on Ritters Lake Road between Randleman Road and South Elm-Eugene Street.

The report followed a rezoning request for the site passed by a unanimous vote of the Greensboro City Council on Nov. 17, 2021, and noted that there was only one question asked by a councilmember before the vote.  The question had to do with traffic.

The Rhino Times was alone in reporting this major economic development project and some of our readers questioned why the planned Amazon fulfillment center was not being more widely reported.

After three months, the Rhino Times finally has some company.  On Thursday, March 3, the Triad Business Journal ran an article headlined, “Is the Triad poised for a second major Amazon fulfillment center, and 1,000 jobs with it?”

The Triad Business Journal article by Andy Warfield then goes over much of the material reported by the Rhino Times in December, with additional information that the site was currently being cleared and that, at a Greensboro Board of Adjustment meeting, Mike Fox of Tuggle Duggins representing Williams Development Group of Winston-Salem stated that there was a potential of a $200 million investment on the site and the creation of more than 1,000 jobs.  The request before the Board of Adjustment was to allow the proposed building to 110 feet in height, which is 30 feet higher than permitted.

As the Triad Business Journal notes, no one will confirm that the site is for an Amazon fulfillment center.

The Rhino Times can also report that while no one will confirm on the record that the site on Ritters Lake Road is for an Amazon fulfillment center, off the record that fact has been confirmed several times by people in positions to know about major economic development projects.