High Point Wasting More Money

Dear Editor,

Once again the High Point City Council is planning to waste more taxpayer money.  They want to hire a MWBE staffer that will cost $70,000 per year (including benefits).  This lifetime new job will never be eliminated because you can imagine the political uproar if the council decided the job was no longer needed.  There would be hell to pay and no end to the hand wringing and the wailing cries of women and minorities asking politicians if they are a sexist and/or racist.

The council also wants an outside consultant to perform a “disparity study” that would analyze and establish goals for how much city business should be going to MWBE business.  In other words, establish equity quotas.  This will be a great long-term gig for the consultant.  After the initial disparity study more studies (money) will be needed.

High Point already has MWBE quotas that segregate women from men and black from white business owners.  Why does HP do this and why are more quotas needed?  If MWBE businesses are not able to compete, why is HP trying to further support this segregation and hire substandard and/or unqualified businesses just to fill an equity quota?  Why should taxpayer money be wasted for this segregation?  Business is business.

All these quotas guaranteeing favoritism to one group vs. another are a waste of time and your taxpayer money.  HP should hire the best business to do the job regardless of race, gender or sexual identity.  If a restaurant serves you a bad meal, you are free to eat at another restaurant and I am sure you are not the least bit concerned about the race, gender or sexual identity of the owners of either restaurant.  You just want a good meal.  Why should government be any different?

Stop all this wasteful spending.  If council continues supporting all this nonsense, it’s only politics.  They don’t care about equality of opportunity or taxpayer money.  They are only pandering to select groups, at your expense.

Ken Orms


David Versus Goliath Situation

Dear Editor,

As the war in Ukraine grows, I went back into my notes and information on the Soviet/Russian military from when I was in the military. It’s primarily stuff on the battalion/company/platoon/squad level and though it’s over 25 years old. From what I can see most of it is still good. This is the level most everybody overlooks along with the mindset and actual activity within a Russian rifle squad/platoon.

From what I’ve been able to find, the activity and how things work at that level hasn’t changed much and all I can say is if the U.S. military worked like them at that level we wouldn’t last five minutes in combat, let alone day to day operations.

Another thing about this invasion that the average American seems to be overlooking is the mindset of the average Ukrainian citizen at every age, and that is their response to this.

When you look at situations like this in other countries in the past it’s been pictures of the citizens begging other countries (read “America”) to come and save them, but oh by the way, we’ll be over here watching and cheering as others bleed and suffer for us and after it’s over we’ll be expecting you …  expecting you … to rebuild our country and give us stuff. Ignore the fact that we didn’t do diddly squat for the most part to help. Also, when will all our free stuff get here?

Then there are the people of the Ukraine. Their President, a former comedian of all things, goes on video and tells the world that while he wouldn’t turn away troops, what he really wants is bullets. The man is saying give us guns and ammo and we will consider that a large help we will always remember. That is a people that deserves our help!

This is a David versus Goliath situation and unfortunately I’m afraid short of a miracle from God, David won’t come out on top this time. But, he damn sure isn’t going down without a fight and even after that he is going to make life hell for Goliath.

If I were 30 years younger I would be there, rifle in hand, because these people have earned our help.

I can’t speak for all Americans, but for me I say “Stay strong Ukrainians, keep fighting. God is with you.”

Carpe Diem and display a Ukrainian flag in support.

Alan Marshall