The 2020 presidential primary season starts in 10 days, with the Iowa Caucuses on Monday, Feb. 3.

One month later, North Carolina will hold its primaries on March 3, Super Tuesday, when a total of 14 states will hold their primaries.

North Carolina holds a “semi-closed primary,” which means each political party decides if unaffiliated voters can vote in its primary. The Democrat, Republican and Libertarian parties have all agreed to allow unaffiliated voters to vote in their primaries, but even unaffiliated voters don’t get to split the ticket, which means they can’t vote in some Republican and some Democratic races. They have to choose one or the other.

If you are registered in a political party, you have to vote in your party’s primary.

Only the candidates who will be on the Republican and Democratic primary ballots in the national and statewide elections are listed below. This list does not include state legislative, county or judicial races, which will be listed in the future.

So whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, your ballot will be longer than the candidates listed here.

Regardless of the US Congressional District you were in for the 2018 election, if you live in Guilford County, you are in District 6 for the 2020 election.

Also some candidates who have announced they have dropped out of the race are still included on the ballot.

Democratic Party Primary (Partial ballot)

Presidential Preference

Deval Patrick

Bernie Sanders

Tom Steyer

Elizabeth Warren

Marianne Williamson

Andrew Yang

Michael Bennet

Joseph R. Biden

Michael R. Bloomberg

Cory Booker

Pete Buttigieg

Julian Castro

John K. Delaney

Tulsi Gabbard

Amy Klobuchar


US Senate

Erica D. Smith

Steve Swenson

Cal Cunningham

Trevor M. Fuller

Atul Goel


US House of Representatives

District 6

Bruce Davis

Rhonda Foxx

Ed Hanes Jr.

Kathy Manning

Derwin L. Montgomery


NC Governor

Ernest T. Reeves

Roy Cooper


NC Lt. Governor

Allen Thomas

Bill Toole

Terry Van Duyn

Chaz Beasley

Yvonne Lewis Holley

Ron Newton


NC Auditor

Luis A. Toledo

Beth A. Wood


NC Commissioner of Agriculture

Walter Smith

Jenna Wadsworth

Donovan Alexander Watson


NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Keith A. Sutton

James Barrett

Constance (Lav) Johnson

Michael Maher

Jen Mangrum


NC Treasurer

Dimple Ajmera

Ronnie Chatterji

Matt Leatherman


Republican Party Primary (Partial Ballot)

Presidential Preference

Donald J. Trump

Joe Walsh

Bill Weld


US Senate

Thom Tillis

Paul Wright

Larry Holmquist

Sharon Y. Hudson


US House of Representatives

District 6

Laura Pichardo

Lee Haywood


NC Governor

Dan Forest

Holly Grange


NC Lt. Governor

John L. Ritter

Mark Robinson

Scott Stone

Andy Wells

Buddy Bengel

Deborah Cochran

Renee Ellmers

Greg Gebhardt

Mark Johnson


NC Attorney General

Jim O’Neill

Sam Hayes

Christine Mumma


NC Auditor

Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street

Tim Hoegemeyer


NC Commissioner of Insurance

Ronald Pierce

Mike Causey


NC Commissioner of Labor

Chuck Stanley

Josh Dobson

Pearl Burris Floyd


NC Secretary of State

E.C. Sykes

Chad Brown

Michael LaPaglia


NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Catherine Truitt

Craig Horn