One marquee item when it comes to the Tuesday, Nov. 5 election in Stokesdale is that the town’s most conservative town councilmember – known for voting no on almost everything – will no longer be on that council.

Tim Jones, who says that the other councilmembers are spending the town’s money like crazy, will soon have to come and speak from the floor if he wishes to address the council.  There were three slots open – and voters got to select three choices on Tuesday, however, Jones – who’s been a political lightening rod in the town and has been highly critical of a new town attorney policy – finished sixth in the voting.

Another incumbent town councilmember, Frank Bruno, who has often been at odds with Jones at Stokesdale Town Council meetings, is also now off the council:  Bruno finished fifth in the voting in the eight-person race where the top three won council seats.

The top vote-getter and new councilmember was Derek Foy, who pulled in 383 votes making up 20 percent of the vote.  Jim Rigsbee, also a winner, got 331 votes, which constituted 17 percent of the vote.  The third Town Council seat winner, Jimmy Landreth, barely beat out Randy Braswell, a former Stokesdale mayor.  Landreth received 285 votes, 15 percent of the total cast, to Braswell’s 256, which made up 13 percent.

The two Marks in the race finished in the final slots  – candidates Mark Nadel and Mark Jordahl, that is – with 140 and 26 votes respectively.

There were eight write-in votes cast in the election.