On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the voters of High Point spoke and the majority of those voters said they wanted the city to stick with incumbent Mayor Jay Wagner.

In the election, Wagner pulled in 5,708 votes while Guilford County Commissioner Carlvena Foster – who’ll now remain a commissioner – got 5,285 votes.

Wagner, who was clearly delighted with the victory, posted on his Facebook page after the election that he was grateful to have been chosen again to lead the city.

“Thanks to all those who supported me,” the current and future mayor wrote. “I am humbled by your support and take my duty as your Mayor seriously.”

Wagner went on to state that the city had good things in its future.

“Let’s make High Point the great city it can be!” he wrote.

Foster was in good spirits the day after the loss. One positive for her, she said, is that she’s an elected official who can continue to help High Point from her seat on the Guilford County Board of Commissioners.

“The results don’t define me as to who I am as a person or my relationship to the city,” she said.

Foster also said she believes her campaign helped highlight some key issues that the city needs to address going forward such as the hiring of a city MWBE coordinator, reducing gun violence – and making sure that all High Point citizens, not just some, benefit from downtown development.

Foster said that, going into Tuesday, she felt very good about her chances.

“After the votes were in, I looked at the precincts and there were some key precincts where I thought I would do well but I didn’t do as well as I needed,”

Foster also said she felt as though some voters were confused by the fact that the city’s primary was so close to the general election. She said some were under the impression that, since they just voted for her, they didn’t need to vote again. Foster said she and hers supporters had to stress to voters: No, you have to vote again on Nov. 5.