Greensboro City Manager David Parrish received a 6 percent raise on Tuesday night, Oct. 15, from the Greensboro City Council.

Before the regular meeting, the City Council met in closed session where they evaluated Parrish, and the evidence is he did pretty well on that evaluation.

Parrish was making about $205,000 and the raise will take him to a little over $217,000.

The City Council only has two employees, Parrish and City Attorney Chuck Watts.  The city legal department staff work for the city attorney and the other 3,000 or so city employees work for the city manager.

Parrish became interim city manager when former City Manager Jim Westmoreland announced he would be retiring at the end of April 2018. For about a month, the city had both a city manager, Westmoreland, and an interim city manager, Parrish.

Parrish was named city manager in June 2018 after having served as an assistant city manager since November 2012.   Because Westmoreland had to take a considerable amount of time off due to illness in his family, Parrish, as assistant city manager, had stepped in and taken over many of the responsibilities of the manager.

For several months at City Council meetings Westmoreland was asked the questions, but Parrish provided most of the answers. It made the transition to Parrish as city manager pretty smooth.

Parrish is unusual as a Greensboro city manager because he grew up in Greensboro. He graduated from Northeast High School and UNCG. His first job was working at Bryan Park.

Even with the 6 percent raise, Parrish is far from the highest paid city employee.

In salary, Coliseum Director Matt Brown, at $341,000, far outstrips his boss.