If you were one of those parents who were hoping to get some “me” time Friday afternoon by dropping your kids off at Elementary School Satan Club for an hour or so, then you are out of luck for now.

The controversial after-school club for kids in first through sixth grades, which was to be held in the Joyner Elementary School cafeteria, has been put on hold while school officials review the law and consider their options.

Last week, when news that the club was scheduled to meet at the school was announced, there was an uproar on social media and in real life as well when people found out that it wasn’t a joke at all, but, instead, was a real club for kids sponsored by a group that bills themselves as Satanists – but also proclaims to have none of the characteristics universally associated with Satan.

Those who called Joyner Elementary on Friday, April 29 to inquire about the club, were read a prepared statement by school staff that said, at the current time, neither the Satan Club, nor the Good News Club – a Christian group for students – were authorized to use Guilford County Schools facilities for their meetings.

The statement also noted that school system officials were reviewing the situation.

A two-decade-old US Supreme Court decision does not allow schools to discriminate against religious groups if that school system allows the use of its facilities by other outside groups. The Bible-based Good News Club has used Guilford County School facilities in the past, but it looks like that practice might come to an end since allowing that club to use school grounds would apparently mean letting the Satanists use the school facilities as well.

In some other areas of the country where the Satan Club has not been allowed access to school facilities, the Satanists behind the club have threatened legal action.