Elm and Cone Traffic Concerns

Dear Editor,

The Cleburne and Cone Boulevard intersection is certainly a concern and may be corrected with additional turning lanes and traffic control lights. The disaster is going to be at the Cone Boulevard and North Elm Street intersection. Perhaps, already the most dangerous intersection in the city. The new development at this corner is only going to add insult to injury. The approval of this development was ludicrous.

A simple search of crashes on the Greensboro police website at this intersection would reveal how dangerous this intersection actually is. I am often in this area and much too often hear emergency vehicles responding to crashes here. Can’t decide if you would see more action living in this new multi-family development at the corner of Cone Boulevard and North Elm, or what you would see if you were able to buy a condo at Bowman Gray Stadium? Get used to the sound of sirens should you choose to live here, Most likely would be a tossup. An EMT station at this property would be more appropriate, that is as long as the City of Greensboro can’t get a grip on crime and traffic law violators.

Yes, please vote. The current administration of our city, our mayor and city council have lost their way.

Not only are you not safe on Greensboro roads and byways due to the city’s failure to enforce traffic and criminal law, you will all soon see an increase in your auto insurance as a result.

NC Carolina insurance rates are based on losses for specific counties and territories. The higher the losses the higher your auto insurance rates will be. Yes, we are all suffering from the lack of leadership in our city.

Jim Donaldson