The Greensboro City Council has about $58.5 million in American Rescue Plan money that it is trying to decide how to spend.

On Friday, Sept. 17, the council held a work session on the ARP money and received some good news.

Assistant City Manager Larry Davis explained that while in June the City Council had allocated $7.8 million in ARP funds to offset losses at the Coliseum, the Coliseum had received $10 million in “Shuttered Venue Grants” so that $7.8 million would be returned to the ARP bucket. 

The Tanger Center for the Performing Arts was not eligible for the Shuttered Venue money because when the COVID restrictions closed all the venues in the state it had never been open, so the $859,000 of ARP money used for The Tanger was the only ARP money that had been allocated.

Davis also said that while $4.8 million of ARP funds had been used to balance the 2021-2022 city budget, that two-and-a-half months into the new fiscal year it appeared revenue growth would be sufficient to cover that shortfall and the ARP funds were not expected to be needed.

So while it appeared the city had spent $13.4 million of the total allocation of $59.4, as it turns out the city had only spent $859,000, leaving $58.5 for other projects.

Those who are interested in having a say in how this money is spent should go to the city’s simulator webpage at  So far 826 people have accessed the simulator and their input appears to have a lot of influence on how the City Council will spend that funding 

For the criteria survey 87 people out of the 299,000 plus people of Greensboro have responded, and those 87 rated a page on the report.

Davis said that Greensboro was discussing collaborative projects with Guilford County and Mayor Nancy Vaughan suggested that High Point also be contacted about funding countywide projects.