Most Americans have seen and – regardless of political affiliation or beliefs – are horrified at the violence on Wednesday, Jan.6 at the nation’s Capitol.

Republican Rep. Ted Budd (NC-13) was there in the Capitol doing the job he was elected to do when the violence occurred.   On Thursday, Jan. 7, Budd released the following statement:

“The mob violence I witnessed at the Capitol on January 6th was not representative of our country and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. I was on the House floor when the brave Capitol Police officers and the Sergeant at Arms locked down the chamber and told us to evacuate. We were ushered to safety and remained in secure locations for several hours. At that point, everyone ceased being political opponents. We were fathers, mothers, and fellow Americans. I stayed in constant touch with my team throughout the day. The business of my office did not stop.

“When I was able to return to my office, I resolved to not let a violent mob stop me from giving voice to the thousands of North Carolinians who demanded a debate on the irregularities and Constitutional violations in the presidential election. Going through the Constitutional process of debate was never about overturning an election, it was about standing up for the integrity of each and every citizen’s vote. That issue transcends any one candidate or election. The American people deserve to know without a doubt that their votes, our electoral system, and the choosing of our public officials is fair and accountable. That is why I objected. At around 1:40am, I returned to the House rostrum and delivered my objection to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

“As the president said earlier this morning, it is time for an orderly transfer of power. That’s what we do in America. We debate and campaign vigorously. We use all legal and Constitutional options available to make sure the vote is fair, and then we move on and persevere. I plan to continue to stand up for what’s right, no matter who is president.”