Stage Was Set For Violence At Capitol

Dear Editor,

I don’t condone the violence that was committed in the Capitol building. I understand the motivation that led to it, but I don’t condone it.

I do condemn it only because it’s going to be a rich source of fodder and justification for the (National Socialist) Democrat Party to accelerate the removal of our xonstitutional rights under the pretense of safety and security. Remember, these people never let a crisis go to waste. You are going to start seeing them act like parents telling their children to go back to the kids table and let the adults take care of things.  At least initially.

Once the edicts and mandates begin and those that laughingly call themselves our leaders begin moves to ensure that now that they have the power, they will keep it. And what happened at the Capitol will be the smokescreen they will hide behind.

I’m hearing all the talking heads (yes, even Fox News) screaming about how could this happen? It’s simple, when you ignore the people, when you pay lip service to their legitimate complaints, you set the stage. They kept saying they’re investigating and found no solid proof of fraud was found.

Really?  Videos of ballot counting supposed to have stopped and observers left with only (National Socialist) Democrat operatives left alone to begin pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under tables? Videos of (National Socialist) Democrat operatives running the same stacks of ballots through counting machines multiple times? Where were the results of the investigation of the report of a tractor trailer full of completed ballots (hundreds of thousands) that went missing? Where are the results of all these “investigations”?

These same talking heads are chastising these people saying this was uncalled for, that the people have the courts and their state legislatures to turn to in order to resolve these issues. Baloney! What other course do the people have when these same courts, judges dodge the issue by saying this is a political issue that they don’t want to get involved in and state legislatures hem and haw, sit on their hands, or dodge the issue by saying they’ll look into it.

This has happened once before in this country and it’s not 1814. Go back further to 1775. Back when the people tried to petition peacefully for resolution and got ignored.


Save the Republic

Alan Marshall



Governor Choosing Winners And Losers

Dear Editor,

Let’s talk about COVID-19 and our exalted leader whom we call governor. 

Why are we told to stay at home, don’t congregate and stay away from our friends and neighbors?  He has absolutely no source of authority to tell us we can’t enter our churches for worship services, he has closed (put out of business) numerous wage paying businesses by decree. 

He is choosing winners and losers by a decision making process, the authority for which has never been given him.  If closing a business will cause us to prevail over the Chinese flu, why are certain others not included?  He closed our churches but not the newspaper, so is the takeaway to imply that some constitutional rights are of greater or lesser importance than others?  And, if so, how does one deduce the distinction?  By committee?  Or in this instance, by fiat?  Or as our illustrious mayor, by dart board?

We should probably tell the governor to “stay in his lane,” and that his pronouncements, much like his foot on our neck, will no longer be tolerated.  This has had its opportunity and has failed miserably, so we should probably choose our own course.  Educated (not synonymous with learned) people are doing no better than we at getting on top of this disease.  Some are willing to allow misinformation to be disseminated simply because they have an abiding hatred for our president.  The only person in authority whose decisions have had an impact thus far, we replaced in November.  We have a vaccine which came about much like when President Kennedy declared we should go to the moon in that decade.  Our president put his full weight and influence into producing a vaccine in record time and what do you know, at least three companies appear to have done it.

At this point, our lives and how we will live them in these next four years constitutes a crap shoot.

Rich Carrera



Statistics Request

Dear Editor,

The 2020 election had too many irregularities to ignore.  An investigation must occur to ensure confidence.  Failing to investigate disenfranchises Republican/Trump voters.

Why did these legal challenges occur after, not before, the election?  Some judges refuse to hear cases for mere possibilities.  They will not hear unless something “breaks” afterward.  Also, many of the concerns could not have been imagined.  Court orders allowing observers were ignored.  Who could predict observers would be rejected in a mature democracy?  Any one concern could easily be excused and ignored for having little effect.  The total number of issues is concerning for lack of interest or concern for rights of opposition.  The amount of issues could not be foreshadowed.

Signature verification is subjective.  It is a poor security substitute for in-person voting.  The results of GA signature matching is unsurprising.  Pressure of questioning previous determinations would reduce objectivity during subsequent matches.

The Pennsylvania Senate hearing demonstrated how voting machines could produce inaccurate paper ballots.  Recounting inaccurate paper ballots would change the original machine count little.  We need to see how many Republicans and Democrats left their presidential choice “blank” in the concerning counties.  How many voted for just the president?   We need statistics on how many straight ticket down ballots resulted in opposite party presidential votes.  The auditors should call the individuals leaving the presidential selection blank or voted for just president to determine if purposeful or computer mistake.  We should compare percentages between counties within the concerned states.

Other statistics we need include how many mail in votes were rejected in Republican counties versus Democrat counties within the states.  Late out-of-court settlements were likely not communicated equally.  We need to know how this effected the results.  Trump is not a cult leader.  Due to COVID 19, many Trump voters did so by mail. Were voters in Republican counties rejected more than other counties?

Finally, many have argued that Trump’s huge lead evaporating was due to new process of counting mail in versus walk in ballots at different times.  However, the new process can also be a smoke screen to excuse fraud.  Oddly, Trump won battleground states where mail-in ballots were counted before walk-in ballots.  Either way, this should have been better planned, better implement, and passed by state legislators.

Alan Burke