The push to legalize casino gambling in North Carolina is gaining some national attention.

Donald Trump Jr. posted this Thursday, Sept. 7 on X (formerly known as Twitter): “What’s going on in NC? Outrageous. Shady back room deals and crony capitalism are not the path to #MAGA!” (

Trump, Jr. also reposted this post from the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC: “Lots of troubling reports of backroom deals and arm twisting coming out of North Carolina. A full-scale expansion of gaming, including video terminals and new casinos, is being wedged into a budget bill that was supposed to about tax cuts for the people of the state. Transparency is dying in the darkness.” (

The CPAC post had a link to a CBS 17 news report ( that states: “Republicans in the North Carolina Legislature met privately Tuesday to determine whether there’s enough support to include gambling in the state budget. But not everyone agrees with it.”

The news report notes that on Tuesday, Sept. 5,  outside the legislative building there were dozens of people, many from Rockingham County, with signs reading “No Casino” who were there to oppose legislation to allow more gambling casinos in North Carolina.

Rockingham County is reportedly one of the three counties where the legislature would allow additional casinos; the other two are Anson and Nash.

The opposition to casino gambling in Rockingham County centers around a 192-acre tract of land on US 220 a couple of miles north of the Guilford County line that was rezoned in August to a zoning district that would allow a casino to be built.

Because the corporation that requested the rezoning is associated with a corporation that develops and manages casinos, the widespread belief in Rockingham County is that the plan is for the legislature to legalize additional gambling casinos in the state and then the 192 acres would be developed as a casino complex.