Seat Logan As District 3 School Board Member

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of Guilford County, a graduate of Dudley High School, a parent of two sons who went to Guilford County schools for K-12, a former chemical engineering division and global manager at Burlington Industries, Guilford Mills and Ecolab, a former president and active leader in the Summerfield Recreation Association (about 1,000 children) for 15 years, a former Summerfield Scout leader for 10 years, a current mentor to NCSU CBE students, a current Knights of Columbus volunteer, and a resident of Summerfield in District 3 for the last 28 years, I and many of my District 3 neighbors are saddened by the actions of the Guilford County School Board Democrats to ignore the District 3 proper representative Michael Logan who served as a school teacher for 25 plus years in GCS, and in return placed Bill Goebel in this position.

If I am not mistaken, Mr. Goebel has stated that he enrolled his children and helped to start Caldwell Academy with other families when he and his family moved to our area, rather than enrolling his children in public schools. At every turn, Mr. Goebel likes to remind everyone just how many meetings he attends or how much money he contributes and so on and so on. In other words, he likes to toot his own horn over and over and over again. On the other hand, you have Mr. Logan, who has dedicated his entire career to helping students in the Guilford County school system and who was awarded Teacher of the Month in 2022.

I was at the Guilford County Republican Party Executive Committee meeting with over 70 Republicans in attendance when Mr. Logan was elected as the representative from District 3. There was no one who wanted Mr. Goebel as their representative. Mr. Goebel had the opportunity to run against Mr. Logan and he did not even show up. A recent article in the Rhino Times had some very concerning quotes from Chuck Winfree, Mr. Goebel’s attorney.

District 3 should be properly represented by Mr. Logan. I know the school board chair really dislikes Republicans. Look at her Facebook posts if you want proof of this statement. Just look at the divisiveness this has created in our community with what has taken place concerning District 3. I am asking each school board member to ensure Mr. Goebel has no place on this school board and that Mr. Logan is placed in the proper District 3 seat.

Let us move on for the sake of the children of our county and do the right thing.

Joe Plante


Working Middle Class Footing The Bill

Dear Editor,

I have a question that I’d like somebody to answer honestly.

When did the vocal minority, made up of the liberal whiners, the peace-love-dope mob and the un-American (National Socialist) Democrat Party, become they-who-must-be-obeyed? Oh, that’s right, it happened when they realized the majority was busy actually working, trying to make a living, and that they could just live off them by blindly following the Washington swamp creatures, who saw they could maintain their position by doing a Svengali number on the uneducated, giving them everything. Meanwhile the working middle class is getting screwed and nobody cares.

We don’t have a southern border anymore, and when someone does try to do something about it the (NS)DP pulls out all the stops to keep them from succeeding. They need those illegal immigrants, emphasis on “illegal,” so they can maintain their position of power by slowly getting them the right to vote. They have even gone so far as to open certain gates built into the wall. Not only open them and leave them unattended, but in some cases weld them open.

What is amusing about all this is how the Democrat cities that have had illegals dumped on them in near six digit numbers are now screaming and whining about what they have to deal with. The bad side is they’re demanding the federal government give them tax money, our tax money, to help take care of these lawbreakers. My answer would be simply, “you asked for it, you got it.”

The final question I have, and I ask because I haven’t seen any conclusive answer, is what is going to be the function of the former Hebrew Academy property that has been in the local news some? I have reason to believe we’re going to be seeing our share of these illegals very soon. And even if/when it does happen you can be sure we, the people, will be ignored and most likely arrested for peacefully expressing our disgust at the situation. All power to the government!

“Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution!”

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall



Oil Production Is Up

Dear Editor,

Despite the false rants of many Republicans about Biden and oil production, the truth is oil production in the United States is at an all-time high of 12,844 barrels per day.

During Biden’s tenure as president, oil production has increased 16 percent, climbing upward every year.  If you want to find the real cost of high gasoline prices, look at Saudi Arabia, which has cut its production to under 10,000 barrels per day.

Nobody likes high prices at the pump, but the fault is not in Biden’s oil policy.

James Bennett