The Tracy Furman campaign sent out a press release on Monday, Feb.15, announcing that Furman is running for Greensboro City Council.

It is a somewhat odd announcement.  The subhead states, “Furman, a local nonprofit and community leader, to challenge political insider Chip Roth for open seat on the Greensboro City Council.”

Roth has announced he’s running for the open District 3 City Council seat.  District 3 City Councilmember Justin Outling announced in December he is running for mayor.

But nowhere in the press release does it state that Furman is running for the District 3 City Council seat, although it does go after Roth, but not by name.  The press release states, “While her opponent for this seat wants to spend time starting politically driven fights, Tracy Furman wants to spend the campaign talking about issues that are important to Greensboro voters. Announcing her candidacy this morning, Furman stated, “I plan on running a race focused on the issues of this city and not spending my time attacking those I disagree with.  If my opponents want to spend their time doing that instead of focusing on what matters to Greensboro voters, that’s their choice to make.  I’m not focusing on what political insiders have to say because I won’t work for them. I’ll only answer to you.”

The press release begins with what many may find a curious statement: “Greensboro community leader and former Guilford County Commission Candidate Tracy Furman announced a run for the Greensboro City Council on Facebook this morning.”

However, a search for a “Tracy Furman” who ran for the Guilford County Board of Commissioners comes up blank, as does a search for a registered voter in Guilford County named Tracy Furman.  However, Theresa Marie [Tracy] Furman Lamothe is registered and did run for Guilford County commissioner in 2018 and was defeated by Republican District 3 Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad.

Filing for the Greensboro City Council election doesn’t open until July, so Furman Lamothe has plenty of time to work out name issues.