The Executive Committee of the Guilford County Republican Party has officially censured North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr because of his vote in favor of the impeachment of former President Donald J. Trump.

The resolution begins by noting that as a senator, Burr took an oath to “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and that the North Carolina Republican Party had contributed “countless hours and millions of dollars in donations to his campaigns in 2004, 2010 and 2016.”

Along with the vote on Trump’s impeachment, where Burr was one of seven Republican senators to vote in favor, the resolution notes some of Burr’s other actions with which the Guilford County GOP finds fault. 

The resolution notes that as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, after the Mueller report, found no collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign, “Senator Burr issued a Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena to Donald Trump, Jr. unwisely extending the more than 2-year investigation and distracting the President and his team from other more important duties.”

The resolution also states that as chair of the Intelligence Committee, Burr “received special intelligence briefings about the potential impacts of the Chinese Coronavirus on national business and finance” that was not available to the general public.  And that “Senator Burr (and his relatives) liquidated stocks he owned valued at between $628,000 and $1,700,000, which eventually led to SEC and FBI investigations into possible illegal insider trading ahead of the 2020 stock market crash,” which caused him to step down as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee “damaging the reputation of the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of North Carolina.”

The resolution notes that Burr “voted against proceeding with the second impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump because it was unconstitutional and “Senator Burr was one of only seven Republican senators who voted to convict former President Donald J. Trump, assigning responsibility to him for promoting conspiracy theories (which was not a charge in the impeachment) and for inciting an insurrection (which was disproven at trial).”

Finally, the resolution states, “The Executive Committee of the Guilford County GOP formally and irrevocably censures U.S. Senator Richard Burr for gross impropriety in a position of sacred trust, for disloyalty to the President and for failing to uphold the conservative principles of the Republican Party of North Carolina during his service to the state and nation as a U.S. Senator.

“Be it further resolved, the Executive Committee of the Guilford County GOP permanently bans Richard M. Burr from entering the premises of the Guilford GOP and from participating in any future Guilford GOP activities.”

The resolution is signed by Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party David Gleeson and Guilford County Republican Party Secretary Michelle Bardsley.