The midterm election in Guilford County didn’t produce many surprises.

In the North Carolina state Senate and state House, the incumbents – Democrats and Republicans alike – held on to their seats.

The early voting versus Election Day voting held true to predictions and past elections with the early voting totals heavily favoring Democrats and Election Day voting favoring Republicans.  Because the early voting totals are posted first, it appeared some Republican incumbents were in trouble.  Republican District 62 State House Rep. John Faircloth was behind Democrat Brandon Gray early in the evening, but as the Election Day votes were counted Faircloth pulled ahead and by the unofficial count won with 20,304 votes for 52.3 percent over Gray who had 18,498 votes for 47.6 percent.

Republican District 59 state House Representative Jon Hardister had a narrow lead when the early votes were reported but ended up with 19,485 votes for 56.4 percent over Democrat Sherrie Young who had 15,054 votes for 43.5 percent.

The Democrat incumbents started the night with big leads, which narrowed somewhat as the Election Day votes were counted, but none ever appeared to be in danger of losing. Democrat District 57 state House Representative Ashton Clemmons won reelection with 19,962 votes for 54.9 percent over Republican Michelle Bardsley with 16,368 votes for 45 percent.

Democrat District 58 state House Representative Amos Quick easily won reelection with 17,070 votes for 69 percent over Republican Chrissy Smith with 7,659 votes for 31 percent.

Democrat District 60 state House Representative Cecil Brockman won with 14,572 votes for 58.9 percent over Republican Bob Blasingame with 10,181 votes for 41.1 percent.

Democrat District 61 state House Representative Pricey Harrison was unopposed and received 100 percent of the vote.

Democrat District 27 state Sen. Michael Garrett with 36,703 votes for 54.4 percent defeated Republican Richard (Josh) Sessoms with 30,806 votes for 45.6 percent.

District 28 state Sen. Gladys Robinson had 45,989 votes for 73 percent defeating Republican Paul Schumacher with 17,038 votes for 27 percent.

Republican District 26 state Sen. Phillip E. (Phil) Berger, who is president pro tem of the state Senate, was unopposed and received 85 percent of the vote.

Statewide the Republicans in the NC state Senate appear to have won a supermajority, enough votes to override the governor’s veto, but in the state House it appears Republicans will fall one seat short of a supermajority.