The statewide races in North Carolina indicate just how large the Democratic majority is in Guilford County.

13th District Congressman Ted Budd, according to unofficial results, won election to the US Senate with 1,891,342 votes for 50.7 percent over Democrat Cheri Beasley with 1,755,716 votes for 47 percent.

However, Beasley won Guilford County with 107,609 votes for 57.9 percent over Budd who had 74,222 votes for 39.9 percent.

Republicans won both of the North Carolina Supreme Court races.  The Democrats currently have a four-to-three majority on the NC Supreme Court and, following the election, that will flip to a five-to-two Republican majority.

But both Republican NC Supreme Court candidates lost in Guilford County by large margins.

Republican candidate Richard Dietz won statewide with 52.6 percent of the vote over Democrat Lucy Inman who had 47.4 percent.

In Guilford County, Inman won with 58 percent of the vote over Dietz with 42 percent.

Republican Supreme Court candidate Trey Allen won statewide with 52.4 percent of the vote over Democrat Supreme Court Justice Sam J. Ervin IV with 47.6 percent.

However, Ervin won in Guilford County with 58 percent to 42 percent for Allen.

The percentages in the At-large Guilford County Board of Commissioners race were almost identical to the results in the Supreme Court races in Guilford County with Democrat At-large Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion with 58 percent defeating Republican Jerry Alan Branson with 42 percent.

In the other two countywide races the Republicans did a little better but not nearly well enough to win.

In the At-large Guilford County Board of Education race, Democrat Alan Sherouse with 55 percent defeated Republican Demetria Carter with 45 percent.

In the Guilford County sheriff’s race, Democrat Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers won with 55.6 percent over Republican Phil Byrd with 44.4 percent.

The current 6th Congressional District includes all of Guilford County and most of Rockingham County and the vote totals followed a similar pattern.  Democrat 6th District Congresswoman Kathy Manning with 53.7 percent of the vote defeated Republican Christian Castelli with 45 percent.  But Manning won Guilford County with 59 percent to 40 percent for Castelli.

The election left no doubt that Guilford County is a blue county.