The Tuesday, Nov. 3 election is all but over, but many states, counties and municipalities are facing criticism from President Donald Trump and his legal team for what they say are major problems with Dominion Voting Systems election software.

According to the company, the software is being used in 28 states. Many national new reports have stated that the company’s software was being used in North Carolina; however, according to state and local election officials that’s not the case.

Which is a good thing because it is one less election headache for Guilford County and the state not to have to worry about.

In most elections, the name of the software that handles the votes never comes up. However, in the most recent election, due to claims by Trump’s legal team, the name “Dominion” is being broadcast on the news all day and night. People say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but the company is no doubt cringing at the barrage of criticism it is now taking. The company now has a web page in large font dedicated to addressing what it says are major misconceptions about its software.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, at a press conference, Trump’s lawyers railed against the company, which is being accused of, among other things, changing votes from Trump to Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

At that press conference, Sidney Powell, an attorney formerly on the president’s legal team, stated, “The Dominion Voting Systems, the Smartmatic technology software, and the software that goes in other computerized voting systems here as well, not just Dominion, were created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election after one constitutional referendum came out the way he did not want it to come out.”

Some election experts have denied those and other claims regarding the software.

Collicutt said that, in Guilford County, the Nov. 3 election was the way election officials like it – largely uneventful. He said a storm did knock power out at some polling sites at one point but the county was prepared and brought in backup generators quickly.

According to Dominion, its software is used by over 40 percent of US voters and is in use in nine of the top 20 most populous counties in the country.

In some places, the software plays a role in all stages of the election process. Dominion states the following about its services: “Recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech firms in North America, Dominion provides the highest level of election support services available. From initial project implementation through election set-up, ballot layout, multiple language audio, machine set-up and system testing, we deliver. We also provide testing, Election Day support, training, preventative maintenance, project management and ongoing election consulting.”