An article on the front page of the News & Record on Tuesday, Sept. 13 had bad news for the few print subscribers the daily newspaper has left.

The article headlined, “Comics, puzzle changes take effect in today’s edition,” made it sound like it wasn’t bad news.

You have to read to the third paragraph to find out what the article is about, and it is presented as something “new.”

The article states, “With that in mind, you’ll notice that in today’s print edition, we’re providing you with a new slate of comics, puzzles, advice content and other features.”

When you turn to the “new” comics page, you find that the full page of comics has been replaced with a half page and 14 of the 22 comics that the News & Record ran on Monday, Sept. 12 have been eliminated in the Tuesday, Sept. 13 edition.

The comics that are no longer on the new half page of comics include: Brewster Rocket: Space Guy!, Sally Forth, Blondie, Wumo, Shoe, Beetle Bailey, Jump Start, Dilbert, Wallace the Brave, Zits, Breaking Cat News, Judge Parker, Curtis, Dennis the Menance, The Family Circus, Mr. Boffo and Ziggy.

The new half page of comics is down from 22 comics to 10 with a couple of new additions. The comics that have been added are Peanuts, For Better or For Worse, Crabgrass, The Argyle Sweater and Close to Home.

The only comics from the old comics page that made the cut to the new half page of comics are Garfield, Pearls Before Swine, Luann and Pickles.

Although newspapers hate to admit it, the comics are one of the most popular parts of the paper. A lot of readers, glance at the headlines and then go straight to the comics and if they have time may go back and read a couple of stories.  That trip to the comics page isn’t going to take as long as it did.

It’s bad news for Greensboro that the daily newspaper can no longer support a full page of comics.