Usually when people turn 100, they’re no longer active in their profession, however, Curtis Kennedy is anything but usual.

He recently celebrated his 100th birthday, but Kennedy – an original fire commissioner for the McLeansville Fire Department when it began in 1951 – still plays an active role as a fire commissioner for the department.

On Thursday, Sept. 15, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners plans to honor the energetic centenarian.

Earlier this year, the McLeansville Fire Department showed its appreciation for Kennedy soon after he turned 100.

Kennedy graduated from Rankin High School in Greensboro and enlisted in the Navy during World War II.  He later went to work for the Guilford County Planning Department as an electrical inspector and eventually became the director of inspectors.

He also provided valuable input for the State of North Carolina’s Fire Prevention Code.

Guilford County Commissioner Alan Perdue, a former longtime director of Guilford County Emergency Services, will read the resolution paying tribute to Kennedy at the Thursday night meeting.

The resolution, in part, states that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is expressing admiration for his contributions, “Whereas, while developing a pioneering career in the inspections and public safety realm, Mr. Kennedy devoted his skills and talents to ensuring the safety of his community by founding the McLeansville Fire Department in 1951, where he has continuously and actively served as a Fire District Commissioner from the department’s inception.  And, as a parent and proponent for preparing youth for the future, he founded Troop 208 in McLeansville and served as its first Scout Master where, under his guidance, 66 children were designated as Eagle Scouts.”

The resolution also states that his love of “public safety, education and community service” is only surpassed by his love for, and his dedication to, his late wife, Mary Elizabeth “Lib” Paisley and his family.