At the Tuesday, Aug. 15 City Council meeting, City Manager Tai Jaiyeoba explained why he had sent out a request for proposals to privatize the Coliseum Complex on Thursday, Aug. 10.

In the past, city councilmembers have strongly expressed their dismay at finding out what the city was doing in the news media.

A massive change in policy, such as deciding that the City of Greensboro would no longer manage the Coliseum Complex, which includes the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, is the type of decision that in the past would be made by the City Council.

However, after already sending out the RFP, Jaiyeoba said, “Before I give you the details of the RFP, I’d like to share some of the rational for why we issued that RFP.”

Jaiyeoba said, “The complex has become too large for any one individual to manage. Matt Brown has done an amazing job.”

He said, “Since I came on board a year and a half ago, I started discussing with Director Brown a pathway into a succession plan for him. And in exploring opportunities, what we found was that we were one of the few remaining cities that really still manage the way we do.”

In talking about the RFP process Jaiyeoba said, “Those interested in bidding can actually visit Greensboro, visit the site, not virtually, but really come to walk through some of the facilities and see what we currently have and also what we envision to have. We’ve talked about a music hall downtown. We’ve talked about a soccer stadium possible downtown.”

Jaiyeoba also said that beginning on Wednesday, Brown would be meeting with Coliseum employees one on one to answer any questions that they have.  So it would appear that the members of the City Council weren’t the only ones left out of the loop on privatizing the Coliseum, the Coliseum employees were also.

Jaiyeoba said, “The council will consider this on Nov. 6.”