Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson spoke before about a hundred people in Greensboro on Thursday, March 16.

A notice was sent out by the Guilford County Republican Party on Wednesday, March 15 that stated, “This is a great opportunity to meet and hear our Lt. Governor.”

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is serving his second term and cannot run for reelection. It is widely believed that Robinson will run in the Republican primary for governor in 2024, but he has not made an official announcement.  Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein has officially announced that he is running for governor and in some of his campaign ads it is clear he is going after Robinson.

Robinson, a native of Greensboro who attended Grimsley High School, spoke about the challenges of growing up poor in a single family home with his mother supporting her 10 children working as a custodian.

Robinson said, “My mother told me with faith and hard work I could achieve anything, and I stand before you as the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina.”

Robinson said that the day he decided to get off the sidelines and get involved was the day the factory he was working in closed so the owners could move the operation to a different state.  He said the reason he and his friends lost their jobs was, “Because somebody made bad federal policy in Washington, DC.”

Robinson said that he lost not one but two good paying jobs because of factories closing and that he had to declare bankruptcy, but that he was no different from people all across the state who found themselves in similar situations when factories closed.

Robinson said, “This country does not belong to the representatives and senators and lobbyists walking the halls of Washington or Raleigh. This country and this state belongs to you.  And you are not their servants they are your servants.”

He said, “It’s time for you to get on your gear, mount up and go into battle and take this country back.”

After speaking Robinson hung around and talked to people for as long as there were people waiting to talk to him.