As expected Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson announced he is running for governor on Saturday, April 22 at the Ace Speedway in Altamahaw.

Robinson has not been shy about his intention to run for governor, but until Saturday he had not made an official announcement.  A crowd of Guilford County Republicans had participated in a preview of Robinson’s announcement in March at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Greensboro.

Robinson spoke before a large crowd of supporters at the Ace Speedway and this time he left no doubt about his intentions.

Robinson begins all of his speeches by thanking “My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and on Saturday he had a lot of other people to thank you before launching into his prepared remarks.

Robinson said, “So, today, we make it official.  I am running for governor of North Carolina.

“So why am I running? I’m running for governor because we the people of North Carolina need someone who understands us. We don’t need another politician who has spent their life climbing the pollical ladder. We need a public servant. Someone who has actually lived through the struggles of everyday North Carolinians. I know what it’s like to grow up poor in a household mired by alcoholism, violence and uncertainty. I know what it’s like to lose a job through no fault of your own that you desperately needed. I know what it’s like to face financial hardships, to lose your house, your car and to declare bankruptcy. I know what it’s like to lay awake at night with that gnawing feeling that keeps you up wondering how you are going to pay your bills and I know these things because I’ve lived through them.”

Robinson hit on some familiar themes in his speech such as the fact that the media “despises” him and the establishment fears him because he cannot be controlled and won’t be “tamed.”

Two other Republicans are expected to face Robinson in the primary. North Carolina Treasurer Dale Folwell officially announced his candidacy for governor in March and former 6th District Congressman Mark Walker is expected to announce his campaign for governor next month.

The only Democrat who has officially announced his campaign for governor is North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.

After Robinson’s announcement, Stein’s campaign released a hit piece against Robinson – an indication that, at least as far as Stein is concerned, Robinson, with his announcement, became the front runner in the Republican primary.