Death By A Thousand Cuts

Dear Editor,

Here is a headline that should scare the hell out of everybody (except, obviously, (National Socialist) Democrats)

“Biden creates Office of Environmental Justice requiring all federal agencies to address ‘disproportionate environmental harms often due to a legacy of racial discrimination’”

In a nutshell, the Biden/(NS)DP regime is attempting to extend socialism over the American people more so than it already is, and that is blatant socialism, with the federal (socialist) government saying, “we know what’s best for you ignorant serfs.” Hopefully it will be challenged and shot down like other attempts by this regime to extend their power over a free and independent nation.

All of this along with other things they’ve done shows the effects of not teaching or allowing the teaching of U.S. government and the Constitution in government run schools. Another example of that is when commentators on “news” shows like MSNBC (which I’ve been forced to endure for a couple of weeks) imply that abortion is a constitutional right, yet somehow overlook things like the Second and the 10th Amendment for example.

This, more than anything else, as I said before, should scare the living hell out of the average legal American citizen. We are looking at a “death by a thousand cuts” attempt by (National Socialist) Democrats and their willing thralls against real Americans to make them their (un)willing slaves. Don’t believe their “this is best for all” bull.

I’m not saying the RNC is snow white in things. They have their dark side as well, (after all, they are politicians) but I want to believe (maybe foolishly) they are by far the lesser of two evils and mostly want to allow the Great Experiment to continue with minimal interference.

We the People must wake up and maintain a constant watch over those we elect. I know I’ve said this many times but the clarion call must be made over and over again. Part of the cost of liberty is constant vigilance. Another part is a willingness to take whatever action is necessary to maintain that liberty…whatever action.

This monster we call the Federal Government is OUR creation. We created it by ignoring things and allowing it to grow and slowly take over. That is the price the American people today have to pay.

In a way, I think it might be best for people to watch “news” shows like MSNBC and see the (in some cases) blatant lies that are told.

Carpe diem,

Alan Marshall