It’s been a relatively dry late October in Guilford County.

However, of course, on Halloween night – a night when the weather really does matter – forecasts are calling for a good chance of rain.  That’s something that could dampen spirits on Halloween and may even mean that some kids stay home and candyless.

On the morning of October 31, the National Weather Service was calling for a chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. The service also stated that it will be cloudy, with a low temperature of around 58 and a slight wind from the south. The chance of precipitation is 60 percent, with predicted amounts of rain coming in between a quarter of an inch and half of an inch.

This is the first truly post-pandemic Halloween, and both kids and adults have a lot of pent-up Halloween energy to welcome what should be the first semi-normal Halloween celebration since 2019.

One can see that Halloween energy in the elaborate decorations this year at many homes in Guilford County that have become truly over the top. In some cases, the front yard Halloween decorations almost approach the grandness of Clark Griswold’s Christmas decorations.

The good news for the evening is that most of the heavy rains are expected after 11 p.m. so most kids in the county should be able to find some good times for collecting candy.

Late at night on Halloween, adults party in the streets of downtown Greensboro and High Point.  For them too, there’s a lot of pent-up Halloween energy ever since 2019 – the last year when masks were worn once a year rather than every time someone went to a public place.

While Halloween has always been about scary things, this time around there are two new things people need to be afraid of: (1) having their costume declared socially or politically incorrect and offensive, and (2) the shocking and horrifying price of candy these days.