US On Doorstep Of Third World Status

Dear Editor,

According to the news, we have only 14-25 days of diesel fuel remaining that is immediately available. I feel very sorry for my friends who drive diesel trucks.

Wait a minute … don’t the big rigs that move a substantial amount of goods, both luxury as well as absolute necessities like, oh, I don’t know, maybe food!

Welcome to Third World America folks, thanks to Heir Biden and his puppet masters in the (National Socialist) Democrat party.

How did it get to this point without us knowing? There are a number of Americans who are so busy on social sites that their town could burn down and they wouldn’t know until the FD knocked down their door. But I for one watch quite a bit of news, on and off line, and only heard about this when it was mentioned we had a 30 day supply last week. You would think this would get a little more attention.

I’m sure the MSM is working on some BS answer which they will bounce off focus groups before giving it to the WH press propaganda specialist to spew out.

Currently, diesel is over $5 a gallon around here. But if things keep going as they are, how are common service companies, like plumbers, lawn care folks and other such businesses going to be able to survive short of jacking up their prices to the point they go out of business due to a lack of customers?

One thing I’m afraid will happen is that refineries will start switching over regular gas production to diesel to try to stem the shortage which will reduce the standard gas supply, causing shortages and price increases there.

Think about this, folks, in two years we went from energy independence to the doorstep of third world status, and we have two more years of this crazy crap unless something changes.

Oh and with this going on, the news media is more concerned with the husband of the wicked witch of the west than what could potentially affect all of America.

Please, please, PLEASE get out and vote! If we don’t, we are shooting ourselves in the foot with an automatic weapon! Otherwise our goods will be being moved by 20 mule team wagons.

Carpe diem, real Americans, carpe diem.

Alan Marshall