The price of gas and everything else may be skyrocketing right now.

However, on Wednesday, April 6, the High Point Public Library Board of Trustees announced that, effective immediately, the library is eliminating all non-resident fees for library cards.

Given the ability to remotely download many library materials to a smartphone or computer, a lot of people who live outside of High Point should consider this now completely free service – especially if they like listening to audiobooks or reading books on their electronic readers.

Now, to get a library card, High Point residents and non-residents alike simply need to go down to the library at 901 N. Main St. and show a photo ID that includes a current address. The library cards are now available free of charge at the Lending Desk or the Customer Service Desk on the first floor of the library.

The only thing to be aware of is that the library doesn’t issue cards in the 30 minutes before closing each day.

Library Director Mary Sizemore explained the change in an April 6 press release.

“The City of High Point recognizes the contributions of everyone who works, shops and plays in High Point, and we want them to enjoy the many resources provided by our library,” Sizemore stated.

There’s a lot to choose from: The library has extensive fiction and non-fiction offerings, as can be expected – and it also has foreign language materials, DVDs, books on CD, and the tools to access a vast number of downloadable books, audiobooks and videos for tablets, smartphones and computers.

The children’s room at the library also has music available to be checked out, as well as science and nature materials.

For more information on getting a library card – or for immediate access to digital resources such as audiobooks, e-books and online databases – you can contact Lending Manager Shelly Witcher at