Most people don’t like hearing complaints – but right now City of High Point leaders are asking a lot of people in High Point to share what they can’t stand about the place.

The city is collecting the information in an attempt to find and correct things that hinder quality of life there.

High Point has sent the surveys to a random group of High Point residents in an effort to get feedback on the quality of the services provided by the city and on needs that aren’t being addressed – as well as to hear suggestions for potential improvements.

This isn’t the first time the city has sought out information of this type. In fact, every year since 2007, High Point has surveyed a group of city residents to get their opinions as to what’s right with the city, what’s wrong with it – and in what ways it could be improved.

Every resident doesn’t get asked these questions. Instead, a research company hired to assist the city with the effort uses a statistical sampling method to choose hundreds of city residents.

That feedback is meant to give city leaders a good overall view of what is right and wrong with the city and it’s operations.

In a Thursday, Jan. 14 press release telling residents to be on the lookout for the survey, city officials stated that the information is important and added, “Those who receive a survey are strongly encouraged to fill it out and return it.”

City leaders apparently listen when they hear complaints through the survey. By almost all accounts, High Point has become a much more engaging and thriving city when compared with 13 years ago.

A lack of downtown entertainment in High Point was a major complaint among many residents in 2007. The downtown only came alive two weeks out of the year – during the furniture market. Some of the complaints about High Point at that time was there weren’t enough restaurants and nightlife attractions and, the fact that, at that time, each weekend, many people from High Point would make trips to downtown Greensboro for their nightlife pleasures.

High Point leaders these days now point out that there are so many attractions in downtown High Point now that it’s often the other way around: Greensboro residents may decide to take the short trip to High Point for that city’s restaurants or other attractions.