If you’re not yet eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine, hang tight – those in charge will get around to you eventually.

On Friday, Jan. 15, the county announced that it has begun giving out the vaccine to those who are 65 years old and up – 10 years younger than the previous age limit.

Guilford County government has been scrambling to get the coronavirus vaccines into as many arms of county residents as possible. However, only a few segments of the community have been eligible to get a COVID-19 inoculation – such as those in nursing homes, people who are 75 and older and medical workers who work directly with the infected.

The good news for those who don’t fall in one of those categories is that Guilford County health and safety officials are now starting to widen the criteria.

Late on Friday the county announced that vaccines for those age 65 and older are available through appointments that can be made at www.healthyguilford.com.

Guilford County Emergency Services Director Jim Albright said the key limiting factor at this point is simply getting in a big enough supply of the vaccines to give shots to everyone who wants one. With limited supply, county officials are trying to get the maximum benefit out of what is available.

“We are focusing tremendous effort on increasing the number of citizens that are vaccinated, while being mindful of the supplies of vaccine,” Albright said.

County distribution strategies are required to fall within guidelines set by the state. On Wednesday, Jan. 14, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced that vaccine providers in the state that are ready to expand could begin vaccinating all health care workers as well as anyone 65 or older.