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Dear Editor,

An estimated 20,000 federalized National Guard troops in and around Washington, D.C., armed and authorized to use deadly force, the CEO of Twitter in essence admitting that censorship will not only continue but will expand, members of the House of Representatives openly advocating for control of and censoring of selected news outlets they don’t like.

But what do I know? These are just conspiracy theories and lies I’m spreading, at least according to some people.

There is a reported rise in sales and reading of George Orwell’s 1984. I wonder why. Another book that needs to be included and I suspect will see an increase as well is Animal Farm. These books used to be required reading when I was in school. Not just reading but a topic of reports and discussion. As someone posted somewhere, “1984 was supposed to be a novel, not a blueprint,” yet that is exactly what it’s becoming. Another book I anticipate becoming prevalent in the future is Fahrenheit 451. We certainly are heading in that direction.

It’s funny how during months of rioting, looting, burning and the killing of innocent people for simply trying to stand their ground and defend their property, we didn’t hear diddly squat from the majority (read National Socialist Democrat politburo, their sycophants and selected RINOs) of lords and ladies ensconced behind their (thought to be) impregnable walls, yet when those same walls are breached they scream like stuck pigs, run around like headless chickens, and demand, demand that anyone even remotely possibly responsible be rounded up, be convicted of insurrection and treason by a kangaroo court and thrown under a jail somewhere and forgotten about. Are there people who need to be held accountable for their actions? Most definitely. Is the level of punishment being demanded by the lords and ladies appropriate? No.

In addition to all this you have members of the (National Socialist) Democrat politburo demanding members of Congress that disagree or won’t kowtow to them be removed and punished on the same levels they are demanding for those that entered the Capitol building.

They’re scared. They’re scared and are acting like third-world despots facing the wrath of the people they have been regularly abusing and have finally had enough. Surrounding themselves with armed troops, demanding draconian punishment on those that defy them, and imposing more controls on peons to bring them into line.

Sic semper tyrannis

Alan Marshall



End Corporate Campaign Contributions

Dear Editor,

I am glad that some corporations are suspending some political campaign contributions, but they aren’t going far enough. I don’t think that corporations should be allowed to contribute money to any political party or candidate. Politicians should only be allowed to accept campaign contributions from their constituents. If you can’t vote for, or run against, a certain candidate you shouldn’t be allowed to contribute money to that candidate.

 Chuck Mann