In 2017, the Greensboro City Council approved the construction of two new parking decks in downtown Greensboro.

The Eugene Street parking deck across Bellemeade Street from First National Bank Field, the home of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, opened in early 2021.

The February One – Westin Hotel parking deck is still under construction.

Five years after approving two new parking decks, the city is asking people who frequently drive to and park in downtown Greensboro and people who own businesses in downtown Greensboro to complete a short online parking survey by May 26.

The Downtown Parking User Survey can be found here: Downtown Parking User Survey online .

And the downtown business owner survey here: Business Owner Survey.  Conceivably those who own businesses downtown would also frequently park downtown and could fill out both surveys.

The purpose of the survey is to help Greensboro develop the Greensboro Downtown Parking Plan with a goal of making parking in the central business district more convenient.

The goals of the Greensboro Downtown Parking Plan, which is being developed by Kimley-Horn, include managing parking in a way that supports local businesses and reduces congestion.

The plan will also be designed to update pricing and enforcement programs to efficiently manage the existing parking facilities and loading zones.

Kimley-Horn is expected to complete the plan, which will include recommendations to improve the downtown parking experience, by this fall.

COVID-19, which changed pretty much everything, changed parking needs.  During the pandemic, most people were forced to work from home or offsite, and many businesses discovered that they didn’t need to have employees come into the office every day. One result has been more flexible office hours, eliminating the need for many people who work downtown to have a dedicated parking space from 9 to 5 every day.

In the past, the Greensboro City Council has often ignored the results of parking studies and surveys, which has resulted in the current mishmash of free and metered on-street parking spaces in the central business district and an overabundance of parking in some areas and a paucity of parking in others.