The Greensboro City Council will hold a work session devoted to the Parks and Recreation Department on Tuesday, May 9 at 2 p.m. in the Plaza Level Conference Room.

According to the agenda, the May 9 work session will be entirely devoted to a “Summer Programming and Aquatics Update” from the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks and Recreation recently released “Plan2Splash,” a comprehensive report on the city’s aquatics facilities, and if they get to it, Plan2Splash will be discussed in the work session.  Work sessions are scheduled to last two hours and the Parks and Recreation presentation begins with a long listing of summer activities that includes the various camps and special summer programs held by the department such as keeping the recreation centers open until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The City Council often gets hung up on some relatively minor point in a presentation and then flashes through portions that may seem to be more important.

The presentation notes that two city swimming pools, Lindley and Peeler, will be closed this summer for repairs.  But the pools that are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day – Warnersville and Windsor – will not be charging an admission fee this summer.

The presentation includes the total cost estimates for Plan2Splash.  The renovation of current swimming pools totals $48.2 million and spraygound upgrades total $1.9 million.

The addition of four new aquatic facilities would cost an estimated $32 million.

The four new facilities recommended by Plan2Splash are a full service aquatic facility at the future park on Short Farm Road, a full service aquatic facility at Griffin Community Park, a sprayground at Brown Community Park and a sprayground at Hester Park.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is expected to adopt Plan2Spash at its June 14 meeting and it is scheduled come before the Greensboro City Council during the summer.  The projects are currently unfunded.