The Guilford County Republican Party held its first monthly meeting in its new headquarters at 5500 Friendly Ave. on Monday, Oct. 14 and unanimously passed a resolution that left no doubt about where the Guilford County GOP stands on President Donald Trump.

The resolution is titled, “A Resolution in Support of President Donald J. Trump and of His Historic Record of Achievements on Behalf of African-Americans.”

The resolution begins, “Whereas, the character and record of Donald J. Trump has been subjected to unprecedented, unfair and false attack.” That is followed by 12 more statements including, “Whereas, under the economic policies of President Donald J. Trump, unemployment among African-Americans (women and men) has reached the lowest levels (5.5%) since such records have been kept (Bureau of Labor Statistics since 1972).”

And includes, “Whereas, President Trump has distinguished himself as the most pro-life president in recent history thereby protecting the lives of African-American babies who have been disproportionately targeted for termination.”

It concludes, “Now therefore, be it resolved this 14th day of October, 2019, that the Guilford County Republican Party is proud to commend and recognize that, as much if not more so than any president since Abraham Lincoln, President Donald J. Trump has distinguished himself as a supporter and friend to African-Americans.”

Tina Forsberg introduced the resolution by handing out copies and then reading it. Some phrasing and a few typos were corrected, but other than that the resolution passed as read without opposition.

The Guilford County GOP gave up its lease on its old office on High Point Road, before Guilford County GOP Chairman David Gleeson was elected in March, so this was Gleeson’s first meeting held at Guilford County Republican Party Headquarters.