If you watch Anderson Cooper or other TV shows in prime time, you’ve probably noticed new commercials – very dark ones – that address the dangers of opioid addiction and the fact that it can happen to people from all walks of life.

 The disturbing TV ads – a somewhat unusual move for Guilford County government – are part of a larger campaign by county health officials to remind everyone in grim detail that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only pandemic that’s been taking area lives in recent years. 

The seriousness of the commercials mirror the weighty nature of the battle of opioid addiction that was the number one concern for county health officials before the COVID-19 pandemic stole all of the media’s attention.  Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is less of a threat, attention is turning back to the severe opioid problem that never went away.

A new website is also part of the county’s campaign, as is an effort to get Naloxone – better known by the brand name Narcan – into the hands of as many Guilford County residents as possible.  That drug, as many people now know, can help reverse an overdose if it’s given to the victim quickly.  The more Narcan there is in the hands of more people in the county, the better chance there is that an overdose victim will survive.

In addition to the free Narcan kits, the county is also offering training on its use.

The message to all citizens is this: “Add naloxone to your first aid kit and you can help save a life.”

For information on how to get a free Narcan kit – and other information on ways to get help for opioid addiction – people can visit https://savealifeguilford.com.