The Greensboro Transit Agency will be offering free rides to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to help people vote.

The initiative, “Move To The Polls,” is designed to eliminate transportation barriers for voters in Greensboro. But what’s even better is to get a free ride to the polls, you don’t have to tell anyone that you’re going to vote – all rides on Nov. 3 on GTA, HEAT and SCAT will be free of charge.

Move to the Polls is also offering a nonpartisan downloadable voter guide providing election dates other resources to help equip voters with factual information. The Guilford County and the NC Board of Elections will be providing that information.   The information can be found by going to “Election Station” on the webpage but the information is not yet available. Printed copies will also be available at the Galyon Depot, the GTA adminstrative offices and other locations to be announced closer to the election.

Early voting begins on Oct. 15 in Guilford County, so it’s a little early for anyone to be riding the polls to vote.

The good news for those who plan to early vote is that the ride to the early voting locations will also be free, because all rides on GTA, HEAT and SCAT are currently free because of COVID-19.

Kevin Elwood said that GTA expected to continue the fare free service through the end of the calendar year. GTA was projected to collect about $3.2 million in fares this year, but that revenue is being replaced with federal CARES Act money. The CARES Act funds have to be spent by the end of the year or returned to the federal government.

The Move to the Polls effort is being provided by GTA and the City of Greensboro who welcome partners for more outreach into the community. Groups who wish to help eliminate barriers to voting in the upcoming election are asked to contact Kevin Elwood at 336-412-6309 or at by Sept. 11 to join the effort.