Usually there’s a lot going on at the Greensboro Science Center (GSC).

But that won’t be the case at the end of this month.  From Monday, Sept. 27 through Thursday, Sept. 30 the GSC will be closed to the public, so if you’re planning a visit cross those days off your calendar.

The GSC is being closed to the public to give GSC employees time to work on special projects that can best be done without guests on site both because of safety and also because the GSC wants guests to have the best possible experience during their visits.

So actually there will be a lot happening at GSC that week, it’s just that unlike most of what goes on at the GSC, you’re not invited to watch.

The GSC animals will receive the same level of care they always receive but will get a brief break from humans watching and commenting on their every move.

Some of the projects planned for the last three days of September include concrete removal and reinstallation, waterproofing repairs, Jeansboro Junction repairs, deep cleaning throughout the campus, ceiling tile replacement and staining SKYWILD and sections of boardwalk.

Chief Operating Office for the GSC Beth Hemphill said, “Providing the optimal guest experience is certainly at the top of all GSC team members’ minds.  Our Leadership Team has determined that it would be beneficial to close the GSC to guests for a few consecutive days during our historically lowest attended month of September in order for the GSC team to focus on multi-day projects that will enhance the guest experience and make any necessary modifications to animal habitats.”

For those who like to visit the GSC, but don’t like crowds, that’s valuable information the best time to visit is in September except of course for the last three days of September this year.