Worst of a Worst Case Scenario

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank those in the military who protect our country and am praying for the families of those killed in the Kabul evacuation as well as those who gave their lives over the past 20 years in the Afghanistan War. It is my hope they will find peace in knowing that their loved ones did not die in vain. They can be proud knowing that they served our country well by taking the fight to the enemy and keeping the battle on foreign land.

Unfortunately, President Biden has ceded the battlefield to a very vicious and cruel adversary. One that follows Sharia law and is the antithesis of freedom and will do whatever it takes to disrupt our American way of life. The Taliban now have taken control of vast resources left behind by our hasty withdrawal and will no doubt start planning to attack free societies around the world. It is the worst of a worst case scenario and one can only hope that there are still competent intelligence and military leaders at the top willing to act in America’s best interests. This is the pinnacle of incompetency in Joe Biden’s incompetent 47-year political career.

Lee Haywood