The Greensboro Police Department on Wednesday, Aug. 26 released the police body worn camera videos of the incident on Meadowview Road on Aug. 18 where Theotis Kindell was shot.

A compilation of the body worn camera videos of the three officers involved in the pursuit can be viewed here:

All six videos of officers involved in the incident can be viewed here:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Video 5:

Video 6:


The video footage begins with the Greensboro police officers stopping a vehicle on Meadowview Road. Before the officers exit their vehicle, Kindell jumps out of the car that was stopped and runs. The officers pursue Kindell but say they lose sight of him.

Officers do have their guns drawn and shout that the suspect has a gun. You can hear the gun shot on the video and officers shouting that the suspect must have shot himself.

When the officers find Kindell with guns drawn they order him to show his hands and turn over on his stomach. When they get to him they see that he has been shot and one officer says, “Did you shoot yourself?” You can hear Kindell say, “Yes.”

The officers then render first aid until Emergency Medical Service arrives. One handgun was found near Kindell and a second handgun was found in the bag he was carrying along with drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Kindell was hospitalized for the self-inflicted gunshot wound and has been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, drug trafficking, possession with intent to sell/distribute cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the news release, additional charges are pending.

The Greensboro Police Department does not have the authority to release police body worn camera footage to the public. A North Carolina Superior Court judge approved the release.

Greensboro Police Chief Brian James in the introduction to the video says, “Due to unsubstantiated claims being made that officers shot an unarmed man on Aug. 18 of this year, the Greensboro Police Department petitioned for the release of the body worn camera video related to that incident.”

James adds, “I will say up front, no officer fired a weapon.”